What we do

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Maximising value in commercial investment and development.

Greycoat has the skills, experience, and expertise to maximise value at every stage of the commercial property lifecycle.

We provide a full service development and asset management function from acquisition and structuring through to design, procurement and delivery, with an asset service to manage completed schemes.

We bring our holistic understanding to bear on every project we work on, no matter the level of our involvement.

Over more than four decades, Greycoat has delivered approx. 7m sq ft of commercial space across nearly 70 schemes.

Corporate Management

Greycoat offers a full-service corporate management service, tailored to the needs of our partners and clients. Our roles across our £1.5bn assets under management include structure set up, securing third party debt finance, corporate administration and a full reporting service.

Sourcing & Acquisition

Greycoat has deep market relationships and a comprehensive sourcing and execution capability. In the last 3 years, c. 80% of Greycoat’s £650m principal investment volume has been generated from opportunities sourced on a bilateral or limited marketing basis.


We focus on building direct tenant relationships and see leasing as one of the key value drivers for our partners and clients. Excluding Tower 42, Greycoat has granted new leases to over 40 different occupiers since 2012.

Asset & Development Management

Greycoat has an extensive and full-service asset and development management expertise in house, with our fully integrated team allowing us to bring both to bear on all our projects. In the last 10 years, Greycoat’s focus on refurbishment, reuse and retrofit has delivered approx. 2m sq ft of repurposed space and created around £87m of new income.