Greycoat is a full-service independent property partner.

From Acquisition and Financing through to Development and Asset Management, we bring together the right people and partners to maximise value at every stage of the property lifecycle.

Focused on Outcomes  

Whether it’s solving a problem or capitalising on an opportunity, everything we do is focused on achieving the best possible outcome for our clients and partners.    

Powered by People  

One thing that makes us unique is the extraordinary mix of people we have under one roof. Together, we offer a breadth and depth of expertise that is unrivalled. 

Trusted Partners 

We couldn’t do what we do without trusting, long-term relationships with powerful partners. Building and maintaining their trust is key to our continued success.

Agile Operators   

Our team have their finger on the pulse and the ability to make considered and powerful moves with agility and conviction in a fast moving marketplace, where forethought and calm is tantamount to success.

Aligned with our Partners 

Greycoat typically invests equity alongside our partners, driving our mutual interest to achieve the best possible outcomes. From this unique position, we are fully aligned with our partners in achieving successful delivery of assets and executing favourable exits.


Sustainability is at the forefront of all our projects. We are committed to providing greener spaces, that promote well-being and productivity with low environmental impact. We aim to work with existing fabrications where possible and add sustainable elements to create high value, low impact structures built for the future.