Erika Kuenstlinger

Corporate Finance Manager

Erika is focused on securing both development and investment loans, managing Greycoat’s relationships with debt providers and investors and executing corporate aspects of our transactions.

Erika joined Greycoat’s corporate finance team in 2007 from Fletcher King and is Greycoat’s longest serving team member. She is also responsible for transactional financial management of the acquisition and disposal phases of Greycoat investments as well as providing support on general Greycoat financial management, in particular ad hoc transactions.

Notable projects:

  • Securing financing for projects including Premier Place, Stirling Square and Suffolk Street and managing debt compliance across our portfolio
  • Executing the completion accounts and corporate onboarding process for multiple transactions including Lime Street, Suffolk Street and Stirling Square
  • Controlling and executing the documentation process for Greycoat transactions including Christchurch Court and the implementation of our co-invest fund