Greycoat is a full service independent property partner. From acquisition and financing through to development and asset management, we bring together the best people and partners to maximise value at every stage of the property lifecycle.


At the heart of Greycoat’s philosophy is our diverse field of expertise and vision, which allows us to deliver exceptional returns to our investors. We have a wealth of expertise in all aspects of the real estate industry within a compact and powerful team. We are well positioned to identify opportunities, formulate business plans, underwrite and execute complex deals with precision, in order to execute the best possible outcomes.


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Agile Operators

Agility is the ability to move quickly.
Unlike haste, true agility is tempered by patience, forethought and calm, collected conviction.

Aligned with our partners

Greycoat typically invests equity alongside our partners on all projects, driving our mutual interest to achieve the best possible outcomes. From this unique position across our all our areas of expertise, we are fully aligned with our partners in achieving successful delivery of assets as well as executing favourable exits.

Sustainable by Design

Working with Cundall, we have formulated a Sustainable Development Brief that sets out Greycoat’s expectations in relation to sustainability for the benefit of all our professional advisers.

This sets the benchmark for assessing all of the projects in which we are involved.

OUR heritage